The superordinate objectives of the “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities” are to create a new awareness for the importance of entrepreneurship in the university environment as well as develop and implement concrete projects. The tasks particularly entail

  • Commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in the insight described as an official task of a university (third pillar entrepreneurship / innovation / transfer).
  • Development of future-oriented concepts in the field of entrepreneurship at universities.
  • Strengthening of the utilisation culture at the universities (professionalization, incentive / career / profile perspectives).
  • Exchange of experience among the members of the “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities“.
  • Development and implementation of cross-university projects.
  • Measures in the field of PR, marketing and lobbying to foster the awareness of entrepreneurship
  • Consulting third parties as an expert from the perspective of universities, including the policy concerning new funding programmes and financial instruments.