Short profile

The “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities” is an independent, national and cross-university initiative and organisational platform. Employees of the participating universities, who are directly working in the areas of entrepreneurship teaching and the founding services, are involved in the “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities”. The activities are coordinated by a Board of Directors, which also represents the initiative to the outside.

The “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities“ has, as an expert, adviser and designer of entrepreneurship, committed itself to the task of raising awareness and promoting the modern entrepreneurial culture in universities on a technical, social and political level. The “Denkfabrik” is not a legal entity but has given itself a statute for the organisation.

The “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities” was formed in 2011 on the initiative of the Technical University Berlin which had proposed that the winners of the nationwide competition, the EXIST IV “entrepreneurial culture - the founder university” of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, should meet up regularly for an exchange of experience and to generate new approaches for promotional instruments.

In 2015, the initiative opened up to all universities that are willing to engage the topics sketched in the thesis paper. The Board of Directors is open to questions and details on the participation in the “DENKFABRIK Entrepreneurial Universities at any given time.


Arbeitstreffen 2015 an der FSU Jena
World Café 2014 auf dem Exist-Workshop an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Arbeitstreffen 2013 an der TU Dortmund
Arbeitstreffen 2012 im Strascheg Center der Hochschule München